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We are currently building a tiny house on a 20 foot trailer and are looking for a place to call home in Portland.

We are a couple in our late twenties (blackjack dealer/baker and a school teacher) with a friendly 34 pound dog. The house is an attempt to simplify our lives and will allow us to focus on important things besides our finances.

The house is 139.5 square feet and comes complete with a kitchen, living area, sleeping loft, 32 inch shower and a compost toilet. It requires an electric supply (preferably a 30 amp RV outlet but can work off standard outlet) and a water supply (hose connection). The toilet is a compost toilet so we have no sewage or black water to worry about. Water drainage is all grey water and can be diverted to sewer/septic, french drain, or garden reuse. This will be determined by location and preference of host. We require a reasonably level patch of ground and not much more.

We are looking for a nice backyard, garden, RV pad, etc to rent. There are many options that would more than satisfy. This is an easy way to turn extra space into a little extra income.

The house will be complete sometime in August. We are very interested in a nice SE location, but are not limited to that. Please contact us with any possibilities or questions. We are open to creative solutions. Thank you.

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