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Inspired by the movie Wild? Why not go on some hikes in 2015?

If you've been inspired  by the movie Wild, and would like to enjoy some Mt Hood and Columbia Gorge hikes, check out Friends of the Columbia Gorge: http://www.gorgefriends.org/section.php?id=6

Join Friends on its annual Spring and Fall Hiking Programs! Website: www.gorgefriends.org

Hike the Gorge

There is no place on earth for hiking like the Columbia River Gorge!

Join Friends on its annual Spring and Fall Hiking Programs! Our volunteer hike leaders lead 100+ hikes each year to both favorite spots and hidden gems of the Gorge. Some of our hikes and outings are member-only. Take advantage of the expert knowledge of our hike leaders on Gorge history, geology and conservation issues. Choose a hike from our Hike with Friends section.

Our Mission

Friends of the Columbia Gorge shall vigorously protect the scenic, natural, cultural, and recreational resources of the Columbia River Gorge. We fulfill this mission by ensuring strict implementation of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Act and other laws protecting the region of the Columbia River Gorge; promoting responsible stewardship of Gorge land, air, and waters; encouraging public ownership of sensitive areas; educating the public about the unique natural values of the Columbia River Gorge and the importance of preserving those values; and working with groups and individuals to accomplish mutual preservation goals.

Our Vision

To ensure that the beautiful and wild Columbia Gorge remains a place apart, an unspoiled treasure for generations to come.

The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is a place apart, a place that retains its uniqueness, its unparalleled scenic beauty, its open spaces and vistas and its undisturbed natural areas.

The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is a national and worldwide treasure where the national interest in preserving its beauty takes precedence over individual economic interests, providing a spiritual respite from the commercialism and materialism of daily life.

Learn more at http://www.gorgefriends.org/

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