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Best Portland Oregon Hotels - or where to stay when you need to lay your head down at night

If you're traveling to Portland Oregon, either to visit or in preparation for moving there, you need to have a place to stay. Many people stay out at the Portland Airport, making a common mistake in thinking that it is "centrally located to everything."

No... not even close. It can easily take 45-60 minutes in normal traffic to drive the few miles from the airport to downtown. Longer if it is rush hour. 

The best bet is to go ahead and spend your time in downtown Portland. The downside is that the hotels are more expensive then further out, and even more so if you rent a car at park in there. The upside is that Trimet's MAX runs directly from the airport to downtown and is a short walking distance from all the best Downtown Portland Hotels. Almost all of the downtown hotels have bikes to rent though, and all are within a short distance of some of Portland's best attractions not to mention a foodies paradise worth of options from fancy dining to casual food carts. If you want to rent a car, and you likely will if you want to explore the suburbs, the Oregon Coast, or like most people do, the Historic Columbia River Gorge, there are several car rental companies downtown, not to mention several tourist companies to take you there. Check with the hotel for deals, especially if you are traveling in the summer months. 

In order, my favorite Portland hotels are:

Ace Hotel - a great little boutique place

The Nines - in the old Meyer and Frank department store building with one of Portland's better restaurants and views

The Hotel Monaco - One of my favorite West Coast chains. Each room feels like pure luxury. 

Hotel Vintage - A relative newcomer that is making it's way into the hearts of travelers with 97 unique rooms that celebrates Oregon's Wine heritage. 

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