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Well, maybe I'm biased but I'm always going to push for bands I've worked with.
As far as bands I've worked with recently you gotta check out Hockey.
Check them out here: http://www.myspace.com/hockey
Great to work with and even better to listen too!

What about you? Who moves you??

Nick Moon

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I love the Portland Cello Project. And I adore Laura Gibson and....Carcrashlander and....Dahlia...and Auditory Sculpture...
Btw, these are all local Portland bands...
I saw two fantastic Portland bands last night at Mississippi Studios. Andy Combs and the Moth blew my mind! They were having so much fun and the energy was totally inflectious. I can't describe the music--styles were all over the map, all I can say was it was a toe-tapping good time. Instruments--in addition to guitar, drums and keyboards, also included an oboe, clarinet, trumpet, xylophone, accordian--and the percussionist looked like he pretty much emptied out the junk drawer and was using every available prop to produce amazing sound effects. If you missed them, you can catch them LIVE THIS WEEK at the Barack the Vote event on Thursday (see events page for more details). I'm going! Also visit their myspace page to hear tunes and check upcoming events.

And, if that weren't good enough, they were followed by the return of Portland's Sophe Lux band, who had taken a bit of a hiatus and reformed with some new band members. I must say, they are new and improved, and the lead vocalist Wendy Haynes has an amazingly powerful presence and voice. The songs are certainly nothing ordinary, and again a bit difficult to categorize into one genre--but with tongue-in-cheek witty lyrics and great melodies. The band puts on a great show with a good dose of rock-opera quality dramatic costumes. It was a delight to see another great Portland band show their talent. I am so thrilled to live in a city that offers so much for the creative people who share their talents with the rest of us.
Check out Sophe Lux at upcoming show on the waterfront (June 14) and a Doug Fir show (June 19). Visit their myspace page has some song samples and upcoming shows.
i'm following Blue Giant/Viva Voce, Shaky Hands, Myshkin's Ruby Warblers, and Portland Cello Project - They're at Music Millenium today (aug 12th) 7pm for an In-store

Also, DJ Anjali/Incredible Kid and Atlas for Bhangra
Just got the Blue Giant EP. It's great. I don't know local acts, but I know I enjoy Glass Candy, Dandy Warhols, the Decembrists, the Wipers(early 80s, one of the most underrated bands ever,) Talkdemonic, the Shins(now based there,) She & Him and Quasi. I was also shocked to recently find out that the Kingsmen were from Portland. I'll know more after I move there--hopefully very soon after.
Yeh! i just got the EP also - well, the download. I hope the CD shows up in January! can't wait for them to play locally again.


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