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We live in a great place if you're wanting to be more green...
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i have been reading your alls post, im seriously into electric vehicles and the many different ways to keep the foot print as small as possible - right now i live in oklahoma city where we are very very wasteful, but us very few, challenge the wastefulness by building electric vehicles that would make any HD rider proud to own and at the same time help make the world a little greener - i will be moving to portland within a few months from now, and i was wondering how a electric motorcycle would be excepted there - the reason i ask is, right now im living in a gas junky society who favor their oil workers compared to even worry about how our storm systems have been getting worse every year, "F5 tornados and super cells used to be a rare event" and now its a common, a definite climate change is happening. but only a hand full care about it on this end and the rest see my bike as a threat, go figure ;)


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