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Consider Boxing for your new workout

Want to try a new form of exercise that gets you in shape, is fun, and reduces stress?

Fitness boxing at Sweet Science Boxing in the North Portland neighborhood of Kenton is the greatest place for the best boxing workouts in PDX.  We offer 18 classes per week, which include 12 adult and 2 teen boxing classes plus strength & stretch…


Posted by Laurie Gold on March 9, 2015 at 1:51pm

Happy New Year! 2015 Portland Events

Hey, Portlanders!  Happy new year!  It's 2015, and we're kicking off another great year with tons of ideas of fun things to do in Portland! I started the new year with a hike at Upper Macleay Park in Portland.

Here are some featured Portland events in January 2015.  View the Portland…


Posted by Lorri E. on January 4, 2015 at 7:30pm

Article: 12 Portland Hikes Worth Getting Out of Bed For

A friend posted a link to this article, "12 Portland Hikes Worth Getting Out of Bed For" (Full article here: http://www.newscastic.com/news/12-portland-hiking-trails-worth-getting-out-of-bed-for-2472641/ )

At dawn, the view from the top of Council Crest makes the whole city look like a bed of sparkling jewels nestled in the most verdant valley of an enchanted…


Posted by Lorri E. on January 4, 2015 at 7:00pm

Inspired by the movie Wild? Why not go on some hikes in 2015?

If you've been inspired  by the movie Wild, and would like to enjoy some Mt Hood and Columbia Gorge hikes, check out Friends of the Columbia Gorge: http://www.gorgefriends.org/section.php?id=6…


Posted by Lorri E. on January 4, 2015 at 7:00pm


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Portland Forum - Post Questions Here

Neighborhood near max rail for student

Hello Everyone, This is my first post on this forum. I just recently got the notification of acceptance into a grad program I was interested in Hillsboro. As I'm quite unfamiliar with the general…Continue

Tags: nw, sw, apartment, ne, se

Started by Mikey Park in General Portland Discussion Mar 25.

Choosing a Neighborhood in Portland 2 Replies

Hi and thanks for reading this, Portlanders!  I live in Cleveland and my sister and I will be moving to Portland--or nearby--this summer.  We would like to live centrally located to the Hawthorne…Continue

Tags: Milwaukie, apartment, Hawthorne, Hawthorne District, Neighborhoods

Started by Jill Huettich in General Portland Discussion. Last reply by Jill Huettich Feb 4.

The skinny on neighborhood differences? 2 Replies

Hi Future Neighbors!Like many others in this discussion, I too am relocating to Portland in July 2014. I visited Portland in January and was able to explore many NE and SE neighborhoods. I will be…Continue

Started by john doney in General Portland Discussion. Last reply by Katie McMahan Nov 7, 2014.

Relocating to Portland 2 Replies

Hi:  My husband and I are relocating to Portland in February.  We are looking for a neighborhood near public transportation.  I will be working in downtown Portland (2nd and Market) and will not have…Continue

Started by Maria Wilks in General Portland Discussion. Last reply by Maria Wilks Jan 31, 2014.



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by Robert Kurson

Our Souls at Night

by Kent Haruf

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Station Eleven

by Emily St. John Mandel


Haute-N-Ready: Arby's Claims To Have Made Bacon Better

Bacon is a funny thing. I love it. You love it. Everybody loves it, even vegetarians and vegans who toil away trying to perfect meat-free bacon. It’s become one of the most ubiquitous foods there is. It’s on burgers, french fries, vodka, prunes and pizza among many, many other things. And yet I’ve never had the feeling that it is as popular in reality as it is in the largely unimaginative content aggregation medium formerly known as the internet. It’s the played out meme of the culinary world. “We’ve got a new burger with bacon!” fast food joints proudly announce, hoping you won’t notice that half of their other burgers come with bacon, too.

Which brings us to this week’s topic: Arby’s claims to have made bacon better. This goes beyond the three new embaconed sandwiches. This goes beyond the pepper bacon, which competitors like Jack in the Box are trying to sell to the public as a new and outrageous idea instead of the only way bacon should ever be consumed. No, this is a different popular form of bacon Arby’s is trying to sell to the public as new and outrageous: brown sugar pepper bacon.

Brown sugar, pepper, and some dijon for good measure. 
My curiosity piqued and knowing how you people feel about bacon, I donned a linen sportcoat and trousers and headed over to the nearest Arby’s. [That’s what killed Dennis Day: contempt for the audience.—Ed.]

It comes in three sandwiches: a roast beef sandwich, a ham sandwich and of course, a BLT. There are no frills or gimmicks associated with these sandwiches, they simply have bacon.

The bacon is an oddity, if not a slight improvement. Coating and frying bacon in brown sugar is a baffling concept to me—doing this to pepper bacon even more so. Why make bacon sweet? (Mind you, I’ve raised an eyebrow at many a bacon syruper in my day.) The black pepper flavor mostly disappears on this bacon, which has been turned into a stiff glazed thing. The bacon flavor is muted as well. Arby’s new and improved bacon is less bacon than it is a blackened, somewhat smoky sugar stick... which is still an improvement over much of the bacon offered at fast food joints.

The true disservice to the bacon lies not in the brown sugar but in how it is served. I ordered both a Brown Sugar Bacon Roast Beef Sandwich and a BLT. While it’s expected that sandwiches do not always come in the photogenic paragon form you find on advertisements, but these fell far shorter than most. The bacon content was low. Compared to the mound of roast beef that came with the former, the bacon may as well not have been there. It disappeared in a pile of bland roast beef that also swallowed up whatever flavor the dijon mustard spread provided. The BLT had slightly more bacon, but far less than it should have. It was an emaciated shadow of its beefier sister. The sweet King’s Hawaiian roll didn’t help. What was to be a bacon sandwich with the bestest, tastiest bacon in all the land instead turned into a sweet and sugary treat. These weren’t terrible; they just weren’t what I came for.

But maybe this entire “we made bacon better” campaign is an exercise in relativity. Maybe Arby’s hates bacon. It explains why someone would smother bacon with brown sugar. It certainly explains the cynicism oozing out of the sign that read “The Best Thing to Happen to Bacon Since Bacon” at my nearest Arby’s. Or maybe Arby’s thinks stale memes and bacon are all it needs to lure in the American people. I believe H.L. Mencken said it best: “Arby’s sucks and bacon is overrated.”
Curly fries are still the best thing on the menu.


GOP Candidate For Governor Sid Leiken Lowers Sights, Will Run for Secretary of State

Lane County Commissioner Sid Leiken was always going to be a very long shot for governor. Leiken, a Republican, registered an exploratory commission on April 26, aiming at next year's GOP primary.

Leiken is in his second term on the Lane commission and served 10 years as mayor of Springfield before that, so he has a base in the Willamette Valley. Just not enough of one.

Leiken announced today that he'll lower his sights and run instead for secretary of state next year. Current Secretary of State Jeanne Atkins, a Democrat who was appointed to fill the remainder of Gov. Kate Brown's term in that office, will not run next year.

Leiken faced the choice between seeking to challenge Brown or whomever wins the Democratic primary for governor, or seeking an open secretary of state's seat. Republicans haven't won a statewide office in Oregon since 2002, which could be a reason for caution.

Three Democrats—House Majority Leader Val Hoyle (D-Eugene), Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian, and Joint Ways and Means co-Chairman Richard Devlin (D-Tualatin) are considering the seeking their party's nomination for secretary of state, but none has announced yet. 

“For two months we have been on the trail meeting people around the state, getting their ideas about Oregon’s future and whether they thought I should run for governor in 2016," Leiken said in a statement. "The consistent feedback I received during this tour is that Oregonians would rather see me run for Secretary of State, which is an open seat.”

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